Sweet loot get

So, I had an excellent christmas this year. Work on christmas eve sucked as usualy, but we closed at 10 and the closing crew was made up mostly of entertaining folks so the cleanup was actually fun and the time went by fast. Then one of the supervisors tried to have one of his infamous nightly meetings(that he always drags out forever) only to be chewed out by the other supervisor for trying to keep us away from our friends and families any longer than necessary, so got home at a decent hour. Then I bought myself legend of grimrock, fought with it to try and get it to work, livestreamed some league of legends, talked with a good friend then went to bed.

Cue christmas day, presents and fun conversation with the family. Look at all this sweet loot I got, presented on a chair I also got today:

That’s: a pic of an NPC from the exalted game I run, a set of exalted beads, and a comic from my awesome friend Snailchimera, a watch and new(super comfy) chair from my family, and a sonic screwdriver and collapsible shot glass from my friend engineeringenigma.

I have the best friends.